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Holgate Production House


An independent, Toronto-based film and television production team, Holgate was created in 2012 to develop and provide unique and compelling content that examines issues, concerns faced on an ongoing basis by the rapidly changing and evolving western world.  Imbued with a desire to create in depth and challenging content that enriches the knowledge sharing abilities of the individual in society, Holgate employs an evolving team of professionals in specific project roles including film, television and online content development, issues based research, broadcast and distribution.  The Trouble with Dying is the first of many planned productions for Holgate and makes its national broadcast debut on Vision in April 2014.



David Holgate, Founder and President

Holgate Production House

As the founder of Holgate Production House, David is responsible for overall team strategy for the group and for establishing direction and focus for all productions.   David is passionate about the need for in depth content development in the current media environment where demand for compelling content that truly informs, engages and motivates individuals has never been greater.

David’s is an entrepreneurial legend in the business to business retail sector where he founded and built one of North America’s most recognized and successful IT and Software retailers, SoftChoice by fostering a culture of innovation and creativity where David’s vision for harnessing software to create more focused personal selling and customer relationships helped to drive a pattern of fast growth and industry success for decades.

In establishing Holgate Production House and its first documentary venture, The Trouble with Dying, David was guided and motivated by circumstances in his own personal life. The ongoing struggle his elderly father is now facing is to deal with chronic disease issues, diminishing capacity for healthy living and great difficulty in seeking a legal means to die with dignity at the end of his life fast approaches.  David’s experience in assisting his father was a key factor in creating Holgate Production House.



Pat St. John

 Pat St. John is a team leader for Holgate Productions and brings more than 35 years of executive level experience in the Canadian broadcast and production industry.  This includes work in both production and management roles with Broadcasters including Power Broadcasting, McLean Hunter and the CHUM Group.  In his role with Holgate, Pat considerable experience in broadcasting benefits many elements of operations including management of business operations, project development, project financing, marketing and sales representation. As Executive Producer on The Trouble with Dying, Pat played an integral role in the production, working on set and overseeing the end product.